God's Work. Our Hands.

Trinity Lutheran Church as it is known today was formed on Easter Sunday 1919 when three congregations, St. Matthew’s, St. John’s and Emmanuel, joined together.

Combining their interests and efforts they sought to create one strong Lutheran Church, and they did. On June 5, 1927 the church building, made of Indiana limestone, was dedicated. A fourth church, the “Blue Slate” church, joined Trinity in 1933.

Trinity has continued to grow and expand throughout the years eventually adding a parsonage, parking lot and a large addition known as the Jane Patterson Hill Educational Unit.

In 1972, Judith Hird, a member of Trinity, was ordained here and became the first woman to serve as the sole pastor of a Lutheran congregation in the United States.

In 2000 we celebrated the 200th anniversary of Lutheranism in the Freeport area. This anniversary dates all the way back to when the Blue Slate church first opened its doors and began to serve the area in 1800.

We trust that with God’s help this is only the beginning and that Trinity will continue to serve the Freeport area for many years to come!

Trinity has been blessed through the years by the fine service of their pastors.

H.A. Rinard 1919-1920
H.B. Ernest 1921-1922
S.G. Dornblaser 1922-1932
Bruce R. Shaffer 1933-1953
Paul N. Schnur 1953-1962
Patrick A.L. Maier 1962-1971
David McIlvried 1971-1978
Paul N. Frank Jr. 1978-1994
Gary Erdos 1994-1997
James F. Neal 1998-2011
James A. Higgins 2011-2013 interim
Jocelyn Johnston 2013-2018